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At Calcher Group we continually strive to achieve innovative processes in order to promote a healthier and more sustainable environment, continuously reducing our environmental impact.

For this reason we assume a real commitment to the Environment, promoting recycling through our waste management, using raw materials from sustainable forests, recycling metal waste, minimizing the packaging of our products, using systems in our plants and offices. energy saving lighting.

Quality standards

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Quality Policy

Our main purpose of Calcher, is to offer all our customers a product / service “appropriate to the use for which they have been required”, always maintaining a high level of quality, in all the processes involved, always responding to the expectations generated and taking care of its good value for money.

Calcher, maintains a constant effort, so that our products / services reach our customers in the established time, and with the characteristics and finishes demanded, and pays special attention in identifying new customer needs to offer future solutions.

It is one of the company’s current and future objectives to be clearly differentiated in the sector by incorporating innovation in the resolution of its products and being able to respond to its customers from a revolutionary point of view.

We are an organization made up of people which encourages a good relationship both professionally and personally.

For this purpose, CALCHER’s Board assumes the following basic premises:

  • To maintain, develop and continuously improve an integrated management system in accordance with the provisions of UNE-EN ISO 9001 y UNE 166.002.
  • To promote a risk-based approach from senior management to the entire organization, taking into account the external and internal context in which it operates.
  • To ensure an optimum level of equipment and service, through a participatory and continuous tracking technology, adjusted to the appropriate profitability considerations.
  • To ensure that the whole staff who develop and participate in company activities, become familiar with the quality documentation and implement appropriate procedures related to their work.
  • To keep the teams in a state to ensure reliable results.
    To establish well-defined sampling methods, documented and updated.
  • To promote an adequate level of technical expertise adequate to our needs, through the continuous strengthening and improving of knowledges of our staff.
  • To extend these practices to all technical units, all departments and all activities of the company.
  • Include innovation as an essential component in the articulation of its structure to respond to the challenges posed by customers through solutions that go beyond the usual.
  • Comply with the applicable legal and regulatory requirements.
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Náquera, March 6th, 2020

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